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Succession Planning 
for business owners

Business succession planning involves your business and the crucial transition to new management or new controlling ownership. To help our business clients optimize the transition, we use various tools, including life insurance mechanisms, recapitalizations, buy-sell agreements, deferred compensation arrangements, stock options, and restricted stock awards to key employees.

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Succession Planning 

for business owners

Issues in business succession planning include:

• How to value the entire business or ownership interests
• Identifying the expertise future owners or managers of the business might have
• Incentivizing key employees with various compensation structures
• How to structure a plan to treat all family members, in or out
of the business, equally
• What triggering events (death, retirement, etc.) would cause a buy-out of an owner’s interest in the business
• Help guide the price of the business the remaining owners should pay if one of the triggering events occur

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