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The Karchmar Group is guided by these founding principles:

Unconditional devotion to our family of clients and employees
Unapologetic straight shooters because hard truths can help
Masters of detailed information so we can talk you through everything you need to know
Put people before selling which anyone can say, but we actively practice

Put it all together, and we’re a group of professionals who treats you like family. 

Our approach is simple: We listen thoroughly. Fully understand your needs. Take however much time we need together. 


Then, we explain things slowly and methodically. Take the complexity and confusion out of potentially difficult conversations. Boil the information down and simplify the subjects so “overwhelming” becomes “overjoyed.”

We study our products and pride ourselves on knowing them inside and out, so we can offer the pros and cons that others won’t. Hard truths can help as long as we’re in this together.


Like a family, we care most about what’s best for you. We listen carefully to your concerns and work hard to get it right for you. Of course, sales are important. But people are what matter most. 


Sometimes people hear Insurance and they think Salesman. When we say Insurance, we mean Family. 


Our Mission

Serve the Karchmar family of clients with genuine and unconditional devotion, patient and honest discussion, and provide them a full understanding of all information and options, so they feel confident in the plan we make together for their financial future. 

Our Vision

Be the most trusted insurance provider anywhere. Period.

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