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Matthew J. Hoenes

Keith L. Karchmar, MST
President & CEO

Keith Karchmar has been advising high net worth clients for over 20 years, serving as an expert in the design, acquisition and management of life insurance.


Keith helps his clients experience better financial outcomes through life insurance planning, boiling complex issues into simple discussions. He implements solutions that increase family wealth and ensures that legacy wealth sustains for generations to come. Examples of his expertise include:

  • Strategy for business succession planning

  • Administration and tax compliance of trusts and estates

  • Tailoring estate tax deferral and wealth transfer strategies to optimize personal and non-tax objectives


Keith received his Master of Science in Taxation (MST) degree from the Gies College of Business at The University of Illinois. This is highly unusual for life insurance professionals, and highly beneficial to clients. He regularly works with other trusted advisors and tax professionals to collaborate and efficiently implement tax strategies.


Learn more about Keith’s background and experience


Matthew J. Hoenes 

Executive VP & COO

When you work with Matt, you don’t need to be the expert – Matt takes care of that – but his passion, and his ultimate goal, is to make sure every one of his clients has the knowledge they need so they can be confident in navigating their own unique course.


With Matt’s extensive financial planning experience, from retirement and tax management planning to investment and risk management to wealth transfer and philanthropic planning, our family can make sure your family’s financial future will stay strong and steady through the many opportunities and curveballs that may come your way.

Learn more about Matt's background and experience


When not working with clients, Matt is up for anything active and outdoors. While that has included a lot of fishing and hunting in the past, these days it’s more about coaching kids’ football, baseball and softball teams--which he loves just as much (if not more!). Matt also loves traveling with his family whenever possible. And when he can find the time, he’s a pretty decent golfer.

We treat every customer like they’re family. They’re all equally important, big or small, new or old. Dads—or any parent, really—take time with you. However much you need. 
They put others first, way before themselves. 
They’re all-in for you. Not just some of the time, but all of the time.

They know that the truth is sometimes hard, but always better. 


Not surprisingly, Keith and Matt’s dads are their biggest role models. The lessons they have learned from their dads about the importance of family are what has driven them to create an atmosphere of family for their business. 


Keith and Matt are unconditionally devoted, unapologetically straight-shooting, ridiculously detail-oriented leaders of the Karchmar Group family, who takes the time to fully understand people and their needs before selling them anything. They’d love to talk to you about joining the Karchmar family.

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